Friday, March 26, 2010

How much is a print ad?

For folks out there who have yet to try advertising, you may have some interest in trying the newspaper first.

Newspapers, either broadsheet or tabloids, are comparatively the cheapest means to promote your brand. Broadsheets like the Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer are among the top most read newspapers and are circulated nationwide. Tabloids, on the other hand, are area based and are cheaper than broadsheets.

Placing ads on any newspaper depends on who you want to target. Some companies use Inquirer or Star when they want to target the yuppies, the fashionistas or the working moms, while some advertisers think that Manila Bulletin are read mostly by business people or job-hunters.

Among the three broadsheets, Bulletin is the most affordable and Star is the most, let's say, 3rd most affordable.

So when we say the "cheapest means to advertise", how cheap is it?

Say for example you want to place a 1/4th size ad (16.38 cms x 24 cms) in Black & White, you should be ready to budget these estimates

Roughly, an advertiser has to prepare as low as 38,000 to as much as as 50,000 to place a 1/4 size black and white ad.

However this isn't the floor price in print advertising. You can advertise for as low as 3,530 to 4,725. These are the sizes of most of the travel agency ads that you see in broadsheets.

It's affordable right? :) You could further maximize the afford-ability of this medium if your ad communicates a really unforgettable headline, offer or copy. That I can discuss further soon!