Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Is Alchemy Blog About

The title basically says everything. Solutions to Great Advertising

Solutions - This blog would update its readers on what Alchemy has to offer with regards to, you guess it right!, advertising. Discounts, rebates would be announced here to help our advertisers get most out of their hard-earned resources. :) Moreover, we will let you know the latest media, pakulo, gimmicks in the industry.

Great Advertising - Being relatively new in the industry, of course, we would admit that there are extremely witty, creative and thought provoking ads out there! This blog will showcase these works and commend their twisted minds!

We'll also make this blog as a vehicle to post vacancies for future expansion. We'd love to have people who would help us to be the most preferred ad agency in the country. Whatta vision! But that's the road we, alchemists, would want to pursue.. :)

So, enjoy guys! We'd love to hear your thoughts!