Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcoming the Mobile Web

Mail, entertainment, news and Facebook – all within hands’ reach…literally. That’s mobile internet: the world (wide web) on your phone.

According to this Philippine Star article, mobile internet access in the country has grown from “virtually zero last year to five percent in 2010.”

What’s the number one mobile web activity? It’s a contest between e-mail and social networking.

Facebook, the number one most visited site in the World Wide Web (1/6000), offers Facebook Mobile…for FREE! Users can now update their statuses, write on walls, send messages, and share photos, videos and more on their cell phones – all without charge! And even if you don’t own a smartphone, you can still update your status through Facebook Text Messages. MySpace offers the same services for free, too. Pretty neat, eh?

Mobile internet gives a different meaning to convenience. Anywhere you are, at anytime, you can receive messages and interact with people from all over the world. Perfect for business people, students, and professionals always on the go!

Then again, “anywhere, anytime” does not always mean anywhere, anytime. Connection may be unstable in some places and internet speed is reduced as the number of users in the area increases. Mobile internet is a relatively new technology, so there’s still room for upgrades. Opting for the convenience and mobility of mobile internet may mean sacrificing the speed and reliability of traditional internet.

But we welcome this new technology, nonetheless. And we believe that it’s just the beginning.