Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The website gets a new look!

A good website or web page could be achieved through good content and layout. Alchemy settles for no less. This is why we subject our team and services to constant challenges that will help us improve in every aspect of our work. And that includes how we present our agency.

Click here to be redirected to the website. 
The interactive web design was achieved by Alchemy's partner in web design and services, iConcept Marketing and Advertising. The layout is flash-enabled; and kept simple and classy. We don't believe that we have to show too much or say too much about ourselves. We'll have our work do the talking.

The blog gets a cleaner look!
And hey, as you may have noticed, the blog looks different too! We've made it a little more interactive. A Shoutmix box was added (look a little to the right) so you can chat with us -- ask questions about Advertising, inquire of our services -- in real time!

Alchemy is definitely looking forward to better communication with clients, partners, students, and people from the Advertising biz.