Friday, February 25, 2011

7 Presentations about Social Media

Seven slideshow presentations about Social Media that every user should see and every professional (marketers and client services) should digest.

#1 - Introduction to Social Media by PopLabs

"The important thing in Social Media are the real people who use it and their social interactions."

A briefer every business new to social media marketing should know - why every company should build good rapport with the communicating public.

#2 - What the F***k is Social Media? by Marta Kagan

"Reason #3: People are talking about your brand. Right now.
And they don't care about your ad. They care about what their friends think."

What the f*ck is social media and why the f*ck you should care.

#3 - What the F**k is Social Media: One Year Later by Marta Kagan

"Because Social Media is like word-of-mouth. On steroids."

The presentation's clean templates and direct points will get you clicking until the last slide.

#4 - What the F**k is Social Media Now? by Marta Kagan

"Social media is f*cking huge."

The third installment on the What the F*ck is Social Media series. It can only get better.

#5 - 25 Basic Styles of Blogging by Rohit Bhargava

"Brand Blogging: a post about a brand or a product focused on sharing positive attributes or an inside look."

There is certainly something for you.

#6 - Employees Are Social Media Marketers Too by Gia Lyons

"Employees commit social media gaffes."

#7 - Power of Social Media by Monty Metzger

"Generation C and creating Content everyday."

Did you know? Social media is powerful.

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