Thursday, February 17, 2011

Advertise on YouTube: The World's Largest Mag Rack

"This site ain't about media impressions, it's about the choices people's about sharing."

Youtube, the world's largest video sharing community, gets over a billion unique views any given day - surpassing all demographic, geographic and language barriers. The question isn't on whether or not you'll hit your target, the question is how.

Youtube adheres to what is known as Interest Category Marketing. It lets you reach your desired market by categorizing ads according to usual user behavior. It will be easier to connect to people who might be interested in your products/services.

There are four major ways to advertise on Youtube:

1) Promoted Video - Attract customers, viewers and subscribers by having your video come up next to relevant search results. This is a cost-effective strategy since Youtube will only charge you every time your video is clicked (PPC).

2) Ad Placement Units - You can also choose to place ads on standard banner placements (like usual online banner ads). Static banner ads are available in 300x250 and usually appear on the upper right side of the screen. Mobile banner ads are also available in 120x20, 168x28, 216x36, and 300x50.

3) Brand Channel - While creating a Youtube profile is initially free, having a brand channel will help re-establish identity. Brand channels are customizable and include features that are not available on standard channels. Such features include: a channel banner image, side column image, video page banner, and tracking capabilities with Google Analytics.

4) In-video Ads - Overlays will be shown within video frames for a few seconds. Users can choose to click and view the advertisement without affecting their viewing activity (video will pause at click and play right where it left off). There will be a companion 300x250 banner ad to reinforce call-to-action.

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