Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Branding on Facebook: Local vs Global

Heineken just went global on Facebook. All local pages merged into one official page - with one million fans as of press time. Their reason: "Heineken , the most international premium beer , is a worldly brand with a global audience."

On the other hand, other consumer brands like Starbucks, Nokia, Blackberry, and McDonald's, aside from having global pages, have chosen to go local.

Having a sole Facebook presence is beneficial in many ways. For one, it is easier to build a single large database of fans/followers. A page with over a million followers looks more "legit" than multiple pages with a hundred thousand fans each. Two, obviously, its less work (or less management distribution). It's easier to update the consumers with news and announcements. Also, it will be easier to establish a stronger brand identity with a single page.

Many global brands are opting to create separate local Facebook pages for one reason: GEO TARGETING.  Here in the Philippines, McDonald's (even with worldwide fame) still shares the market with local brand Jollibee. A global brand may be available in 70 countries but there will always be local competition in each one. Regional pages allow for easier ways to 1) gather relevant local information; 2) address customer issues; and 3) execute local campaigns.

Go-glo or go-lo? The Huffington Post recommends 5 guide questions:

1. Is your audience English-only?
2. Do you have regional campaigns?
3. Will you be drawing insights?
4. How searchable is your brand in Facebook?
5. How big is your team?

Bottom line is to find out which works best for your business - how you can engage your target and up to what extent are you willing to communicate. Another important thing to consider is if Facebook marketing is suitable for your business. Businesses that cater to industry service (business to business) may not find Facebook marketable as it is more effective to businesses that want to reach out to the consuming public.

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