Friday, February 18, 2011

Is traditional media obsolete?

Businesses have finally given in to new media (the internet). With an option so interactive, economical and  convenient, why would anyone want to turn back? What will happen to traditional media now?

Points of the presentation:

The face of Marketing is changing - new forms of media are surfacing all the time. As we welcome technological advancements each year, you'll notice that marketing strategies are gearing towards faster communication (internet, mobile) and slightly veering away from mass media. The faster the message gets to the market, the better.

We may welcome new media with open arms but old principles remain. It's still all about engaging messages and customer satisfaction.

Is traditional marketing obsolete? Not yet. And it shouldn't be. Traditional marketing has its perks too, you know. For one, it allows for value exchange. Everybody likes events and free stuff. Two, traditional media allows more room for creativity. People still watch TV. People still listen to the radio. People still read newspapers. People still spend  three-quarters of their daily lives outdoors. Traditional media is still a marketable tool.

Social media is not just a fad, it's here to stay. With the statistics breaching six-seven figures, there is absolutely no reason for you to not be online. Social media opens an opportunity to build large databases faster. It provides for two-way communication, often a win-win for corporations and customers.

Traditional vs social media? It should not be a choice of one over the other. Integration is key. Social media should not replace traditional marketing strategies but should only act as a promotional tool.

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