Monday, February 14, 2011

Promoted Tweets

Feb 14, 2011 - American Express
promoted trend #5FreeSongs
Ever noticed a gold bar labeled "Promoted" next to a trending topic in Twitter? Just when you think Twitter could not get any more clever, they come up with "Promoted Tweets."

The top microblogging site joins in the bandwagon of social media advertising and proves it is possible to make money in copies 140 characters or less.

Mid-2010, Twitter announced a suite of advertising solutions for businesses worldwide - "Promoted Tweets," "Promoted Trends" and "Promoted Accounts." It can't be denied that the site has grown to become an important communication platform for private individuals, public personalities, organizations, the government and of course, brands.

American Express card holders have a chance to claim 5 songs from iTunes for FREE until March 15th.
But of course you have to buy something else first.

So how does it work?

Twitter claims that Promoted Tweets are to remain organic - it will function just like any other tweet. Users can retweet, reply to, and bookmark PTw's like any other tweet. The difference is that it will always appear at the top of  relevant search results. The goal is to bring the brand's message to a broader audience without spamming individual users.

Promoted Trends offers an opportunity for brands to feature a #trend related to their businesses while remaining at the top of the list. Twitter's list of trending topics include the ten most talked about topics (or most typed keywords) by users worldwide.

Want to gain more followers? Advertise with Promoted Accounts. If you're looking to build a huge database of news-savvy, internet users, Twitter is the site to go. News and updates travel as fast as you can hit the RT button.

Just how many people are on Twitter? As of September 2010: 175 million users worldwide. One more reason for your business to be on social media.

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