Monday, May 16, 2011

AgencyFight: The Face Mash of Advertising

Before Facebook, there was Face Mash. Face Mash was Mark Zuckerberg's idea of pitting Harvard girls by two's - for the rest of the university to decide who is hotter. It became an overnight success that led to the crashing of Harvard's computer server - which also ended the life of the website (as we've said, overnight success).

In the advertising industry, agencies receive recognition from award-giving bodies like Cannes Lions and CLIO. But even before agencies and creative outputs make it to the red carpet events, the goal is almost always to generate buzz. After all, if not for sales, our clients advertise for brand awareness (equity or exposure). Well, we've found another proof that the internet is an effective and fun breeding ground of buzz.

Apparently, three guys from the VCU Brandcenter - Schuyler, David and Billy - thought it would be pretty cool to setup a mash-site dedicated to the advertising industry and called it AgencyFight.

"It’s where Agencies Fight. It’s heads-up comparisons. Winning or losing comes down to a click. No politics, no schmoozing, no whining."

In Agency Fight, everyone is the judge - bigwigs, students, fresh grads, marketers, clients, rivals, consumers - everyone. You don't have to have a degree in Advertising or Marketing, you just have to have a computer with an internet connection - now who doesn't have access to that? It's basically free advertising for advertising agencies.

Currently heading the rankings are Wieden+Kennedy, Media Arts Lab, BBH, CP+B, and Mother NY. Try it! Visit!