Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alchemy loves Gale! - Day One

Alchemy's journey to Puerto Galera was literally and figuratively long. For the most part, it was winding too. But bad vibes aside, it was a trip worth all the trouble and one that will go on our list of things to look back on for the rest of the year.

The adventure began even before the team reached Mindoro. The road to Batangas was laughter-filled and reeking with excitement from everyone. Even the long "banc-ride" to Muelle did not faze the anticipation.

Alchemy stayed at Dolphin Bay Beachfront Resort - with facilities and service that did not disappoint. The rooms are located not more than 3 minutes away from the beach. There's a jacuzzi, a kiddie pool and a 7-feet pool where diving lessons are held. The rooms are clean and spacious - with cable television, air conditioning and enclosed shower areas on the bathrooms.

Other facilities include a restaurant that doubles as a bar with an overlooking view, billiards and foosball.

Day 1 was rest and relaxation for Alchemy. Swimming and lounging on the jacuzzi were the main activities for the day. Others enjoyed a game or two of billiards and foosball.

But the highlight of the first day was the karaoke night, a tradition never neglected in every Alchemy outing. This year, it was made even more special with Galera's best. Four pitchers of Mindoro Sling turned the crazy on and sent the party people straight to bed at 2 AM.

(Photos from Linnea Jalando-on)