Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alchemy loves Gale! - Day Two

Before heading home, the Alchemy team braved the sea for something close to an "ultimate" Puerto Galera adventure.

After having breakfast with an overlooking view, everyone saddled-up for an adrenaline-filled morning. It was more or less a one-hour boat ride to the coral garden where we snorkeled to get a view of the beautiful world under the water. (Guess who found Nemooo?)

The boatmen suggested we go to an underwater cave just a few minutes from the diving site. The cave is actually a rock formation that gets filled up when water rises.

The water looks illuminated as light seeps through holes from the outside.

The morning activities capped off perfectly with a floating lunch of many things grilled:

Before returning to the resort, the boat headed for White Beach - a commercial beach flocked by tourists on and off peak season. It's the ultimate party place of Puerto Galera with chains of restaurants that transform into drinking places at night; loads of souvenir shops; and henna and permanent tattoo booths.

The sun has set on our Puerto Galera experience and though we miss the relaxing vibe of the beach, Alchemy Advertising is more than happy to be back in office.

(Photos from Linnea Jalando-on and Lester Reyes)