Thursday, July 14, 2011

Italianni's magnificent treat!

Italianni's presents a magnificent treat for everyone who wishes for a quick and instant walk-through in gastronomic Italy! It's latest offering, the Cinco Magnifico, is a special selection of five dishes named after the five most flavorful regions of Italy.

The first is Umbria -- grilled chicken fillet stuffed with asparagus and served with shiitake mushrooms topped with spinach and mozzarella, marinara pasta, and spring salad on the side.

The region (the smallest of all) is known for grilled meat - this flavored with the best local ingredients some of which are, fortunately, available in our country.

The other four regions - Marche, Lombardy, Basilicata, Veneto - are equally delightful. Each dish, while meant to impart authentic Italian cuisine vibe, is an Italianni's original. The chef - Jonathan "Boom" Jota - shares in a Philippine Star interview, "These five new dishes aren't authentic Italian recipes. Instead, these are inspired by the cuisine of the five regions in Italy, which we adapted and developed into five different flavors. The end result matches Italianni's taste profile and something that our guests really like. Each dish is big enough to share."

Read about Cinco Magnifinco on the feature article "Savor Italia at Italianni's" in today's issue of The Philippine Star.

Italianni's is giving a free Magnifico dinner to a lucky fan and five of his friends! For the mechanics and further updates, tune in to their Facebook page.