Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to be a Successful Brand in Social Media

Going social online has gone to limitless heights nowadays that every major brands have to have their own fan page or profile in order for its market to notice them. Social Media is the future of online marketing, some say. Yet indeed, it is a very essential tool for businesses to reach their market without being too hard sell.

Yes. It should not be hard sell.

That's the reason behind social media - it has to be social. Social media is an avenue relate to customers, find what they want to know and offer them what we think they need. Hard selling in a major turn off and brands should avoid this.

Here are some tips to consider:

1. Instead of usually posting your products or service, why not post a trivia related to the product/service. An example, instead of posting a really tempting photo of a "pineapple-strawberry smoothie", post something about how cancer cells die as you eat a pound of pineapple? The consumer will not only see pineapple in a new light, they'd be more interested to buy your smoothie! Isn't that a win win?

2. Go ahead and research about the fans you have and see what interests them. Insights in Facebook, for example, has been so much helpful in learning about the demographics of your fans. You'd know where they are, when they are online, which posts they like, how much percentage are male/female. Knowing this would somehow filter the info you could post. For example, if you know that the most of your fans are female, ages 26-40 and that they reside say in Cebu, probably you can post something about an easy to cook meal for the upcoming Sinulog Festival! I'm sure you'd gain quit a lot of shares for this!

3. Interact with your fans! This tip might be too much obvious but most of the brands in Facebook do not or would not know that fans are "tagging" them in a post, thanking them about the experience they had or inquiring about a certain product you have. This is a missed opportunity! Remember being present in social media is not about posting something, they treat you as an entity capable of answering, reacting like a normal person. Being in snubbish in social media is a big no-no!

So how "social" should a brand be in social media? Be social as if the fan page is your own personal. Do not think that fans are there as captured market that you could immediately sell your products too. As cheesy as it may seem, treat your fans are your friends. Know them, talk to them and give them something worth their while. You'll see how they'd love you back eventually.